Monday, May 31, 2010


fuck you, your such a selfish person, we are meant to be related but you honestly dont act like it, i hope one day you realise that i was trying to build a relationship with you but you just had to ruin everything so i give up, fuck you, im not trying anymore.


saturday night was mad fun :) im so glad i saw you, and tbh i wish i had been drunker and gotten with you, but i hugged you and thats gotta be the best hug i have had ever, i miss you, still. i dont love you still, it feels goood, but you will be in my heart forever :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


its amazing how a day can go from being so horrible because of what someone said to so amazing because of what he said... you always know how to make me smile, maybe im over you, maybe im not but it was amazing to talk to you and to know that you feel the way i do actually makes me want to scream in happiness because you understand, you finally do, i got through to you, and you feel the way i do, im proud of my break through.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


i should be able to express myself, but your so judgemental, FUCK YOU.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

im thinking its over.

im giving your braclet back today, its over, its time, im sorry.


bababbabababababba, i dont know what to do, i post on this too much, ohh well, no one knows.

of course you were.

you were all over him, you thought i wouldnt see, you cant let me have one guy, you can get any guy you want, not because your pretty, because your easy, and slutty, honestly you cant let me have one guy, wtf is wrong with you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i want you.

i want you so bad, but idk what to do about it, because its over, right?

pros and cons.

pros: you make me feel amazing, i like you (i think), your cute, your amazing, you would never hurt me, you go to my school.
cons: i cant make up my mind.
i just realised its not what you do, its me, all me, you have never done anything wrong, im so sorry bradley.


i miss you peaches, i miss you, i miss you, i miss you, and i dont know what to do, because i really do want you this time.



express yourself.

i never want anyone to find my blog, because of the fact that im afraid to show what i really am to those who are close to me. no one will ever know the real me, so for now il just express myself on here. to no one, maybe someone sees these but they wont know me, they will have never met me, but hey, im me, and no ones knows me.


innit, its what you used to say because your english. when you said it i thought it was cute. but now we are over and im starting to like someone else he says 'innit' which tbh completely puts me off him completly, thanks for ruining my life.


parents dont understand, please mum, please let me go, im begging you.

i want to be pretty.

im too scared to put this photo on a public site because i dont want my friends to judge me and i dont want people to see that im actually different.

mr right, where are you?

is there really a soul mate for everyone, or is it just for the people who are lucky. what happens to those who never find him, those who never find love and those who die alone. god, im begging you, please dont make me one of them, help me find him.