Wednesday, July 21, 2010

letter time.

tonight im going to write both of you a letter because tbh one of you is an idiot that i need to get over and the other one of you is nice but i need to let you go. so then this way i will be free of the pain that you have caused me and all the stress tat you put me through. boy1: your a faggot, i hate you for the ways you have changed me into a person that i hate, im not going to bother try making an effort until you do :) boy2: your annoying and clingy and as much as i want a guy that cares like you, you are not the one for me, and i will tell you this tonight, when i text you, when we talk about it. SO for me, no guys, hate them all, im waiting for HIM, although i am yet to find him. goodbye mother fuckers. I AM FREE.

Friday, July 9, 2010


i hate this. i treated you so well and there for you any moment of the day and when i need someone to be there for me, you know you should be so you try, but you dont wna help me, so this is it... my ultimatim to you, even though you wont read it, its a ultimatim to myself, if you dont make the effort to talk to me before the funeral, i will never make the effort to talk to you, i will focus on my own life and the important stuff that does not involve you and your stupid self.