Wednesday, July 21, 2010

letter time.

tonight im going to write both of you a letter because tbh one of you is an idiot that i need to get over and the other one of you is nice but i need to let you go. so then this way i will be free of the pain that you have caused me and all the stress tat you put me through. boy1: your a faggot, i hate you for the ways you have changed me into a person that i hate, im not going to bother try making an effort until you do :) boy2: your annoying and clingy and as much as i want a guy that cares like you, you are not the one for me, and i will tell you this tonight, when i text you, when we talk about it. SO for me, no guys, hate them all, im waiting for HIM, although i am yet to find him. goodbye mother fuckers. I AM FREE.

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